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Our Eggs: Simply Organic

Organic was born from a thought. A pure thought that people could look at and believe in. They believe it because they can feel it. When you walk into the chicken houses and you see all the birds scratching around in the dirt, running around, flapping their wings and hear the soft clucking from each of them, you can feel their contentment. It is the way nature intended. The food that is consumed by the bird is free from harmful pesticides which will never be passed along back to the consumer. Organic certification ensures that only quality ingredients are given to our birds from the food grown by farmers that share the same vision as we do. The less impact on the land, the more we can grow quality food for not just our chickens, but for our local communities. Organic is more than just a certification, it is a commitment. Our commitment is to the well being of our birds, the land we farm, the hard working folks who run the farms, and the consumer, who deserves to know the truth about where their food comes from. We invite you to share our vision and see why organic is better for all of us. We have linked a few resources for you to learn more about organic farming and certification on our links page or click on the icons below to take you there directly. For more information contact Chino Valley Ranchers today.