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Organic: What you can do to help

As individuals can do much more for our community and our earth than we think by doing small things. One of the major things that we do is called composting. We take all the manure from our chickens and mix it with green waste from our farms to create beautiful fertilizer. That fertilizer is then taken by the local farmers and spread across their fields. It is not exactly an "egg farm" but you can see how one part of the process helps the other. You can also make your own compost by taking all of your green waste and placing it into a composting bin instead of the trash (There are several resources available online to research how to properly create your fertilizer through composting). You might be asking “why would I want to compost if I can just buy fertilizer?” We will tell you why. The green waste you keep in your compost bin stays in your compost bin, and eventually into your garden or landscaping, instead of the landfill. It can save you money, and directly saves resources that are needed to process all of that waste that would have been. Our family has been composting for many years and return the nutrients right back into the soil. Not only will your garden thank you, but your community as well when you hand them over some beautiful vegetables compliments of your self sustaining garden. There are several other ways we can lessen the impact on the earth and better ourselves, we just have to look a little beyond the obvious.